N-Body Simulator written in JavaFX

Philippos Papaphilippou - 02/2016

Basic Information

Gravity Simulator is an N-Body Simulator written in Java

  Each body interacts with all the others (therefore we have a complexity of O(N^2))
by the forces described in Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation!

  All bodies have random initial characteristics (position, velocity and mass)


Presentation: Click Here To See the Presentation [PDF]

Run Steps

1. Download and install the latest Java from Oracle (if not already installed)
Note: Some java versions may produce a memory leak for large Ns

2. Download the jar file for the simulator

3. For Linux users: set the latest java as the default using the command
sudo update-alternatives --config java

4. Run using the command below (or open directly if supported)

java -jar  /path/to/GravitySimulator2.jar



Video Preview